Saturday, April 28, 2007

We're on our way!

I'm typing this post from a McDonald's in northern Kansas City, MO. The kids were at their limit for riding in the car, so we've stopped for dinner and are letting them play on the playground to their heart's content!

The trip has gone fairly well so far, except for trying to get out of Atlanta at 4:00 on Friday afternoon! Two hours later, we were finally to Cartersville! We made it to Murfreesboro, TN last night and are planning to get to Council Bluffs, Iowa tonight - only 165 more miles...

Yesterday before we left, both kids managed to take really nasty falls. Carter tripped over a small bush in the backyard at Britney's parent's house and has a nice scrape on his forehead and arm. Ashlyn fell in the driveway while she was chasing Maggie and did a number on her elbow. She has the strawberry of all strawberries and quite the bruise to match!

As if that weren't enough, I looked at her yesterday and thought one of her teeth were loose. She calmly said no - it was just crooked. Then she proceeded to test it and it wiggled freely! Apparently it's been loose for awhile, but she didn't even realize it! Well, she must have worked on it all afternoon and then pulled it in the car on the way back from dinner. She is officially a snaggletooth! One day I'll post pictures of her - eventually.

Anyway, we should be in Minnesota around lunch time tomorrow. Check back often and thanks for all of the great comments! We miss you already!


Alyson said...

Well, glad you wrote! I have checked a couple times and am glad to hear it is going ok!
ASHLYN!!!! Congrats on that first lost tooth! Kyle will be thrilled when I tell him in the morning! He is now working on his 3rd, but didn't lose his 1st tooth until he was in Kindergarten!
Mom and dad? Does the Tooth Fairy know where you are stopping???
Take care,

Lisa I. said...

So glad you updated your blog mid-way so we could know where you are, etc. I miss you! Have Fun! :)

Pam said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. Will continue to keep you in my prayers. Coach Pam

Judy & Marvin said...

It was great to hear Ashlyn's voice on the phone yeserday and to know that God was keeping you "sane" and safe as you make your way home to Minn. I can't wait to see her without her front tooth. Carter didn't have much to say; he was too busy watching Cars for the millionth time!! You have been in my heart and prayers and I will be glad to hear that your feet are planted on solid ground again. Love & kisses to all Mom

Mommy Dearest said...


You won the bow naming contest with You Are My Sunshine! Can you mail me at with your address? You were right here next to us before you moved: I'm in Gainesville and Melissa is in Alpharetta!

Anonymous said...

Hope this finds everyone well - I know you have had a busy weekend. Maybe things will settle down soon. Tonight was the fellowship at church. Had a great turnout - probably 60 or 70 people. We miss you guys. Be sure and forward me your address.
Tell Ashlyn we are so happy about her loosing her first tooth!
keep in touch - Love you all,

Alea said...

Thanks for the pics! I loved them. Mom brought them Saturday night as we were helping JC & Melanie get into their apartment. Much Drama! Anyway, glad you had a safe trip thus far. (You should be there now). Tell Ashlyn I loved her pretty lace and beads in the pics:)


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Lara I can't imagine all you experiencing right now! I will be praying that your transition to MN will be much smoother than your transition out of GA! :) Thanks so much for blogging; it really is a great idea (and I reckon I need to not be lazy and create one myself)!
Much love, Lisa Rumsey