Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Word

Last week I got an email from my sister Jill, asking me to describe her in one word. I have to admit, it was pretty hard for me to do! I tried to think of something that would describe who she is in her heart - not just on the surface. So, I came up with savvy. If you know Jill, I think you'll agree that's a pretty good description. By the way - Webster defines savvy as "practical know how." Jill knows how to practically do a lot of things!!

Now, enough about her :) Just kidding. I thought I'd share what some of the responses were from friends that I sent the same email to. I thought my friends did a pretty good job of describing me, or at least the person I hoped I was. So, here goes:

I also got supermamalicious and fabulicious, but those aren't real words, so I'm not sure what to make of them :) Hopefully something good!

I'm happiest in the kitchen or in my craft room, cooking or making something (domesticated and creative). I LOVE to have fun :) Intuitive? I'm not sure I wouldn't known that about myself, but my mother-in-law saw it. I hope she's right! Loyal and consistent - those are qualities I hope I always portray. The loyal one is really important to me. I've had far too many "friends" in my life who suddenly decided it was more important to stab me in the back than to stay my friend. Loyalty is a big one for me.

Which, ironically brings me to our dog Maggie. She's really a good, sweet dog. She's great with the kids and rarely gets in trouble - until she runs away. But, I don't like her AT ALL. If it were up to me, she'd be living with someone else now. She's NOT loyal (yes, we have a DOG who is not LOYAL). Our old dog, Hunter, was so loyal, he didn't leave my side for days after Ashlyn was born. He didn't like her getting my attention and not him. For me, he was the perfect dog because he was LOYAL and I miss him every day.

So, Lori, thanks for the ultimate compliment in your one word. I hope I'm always a LOYAL, fun, intuitive, creative, consistent, domesticated woman!


Lori said...

Wow! I'm so honored I got a shout out in your blog. I'm also super grateful you sent that email because it was fun. It took me only a few seconds to think of you as LOYAL. I'm glad you took to heart the truest meaning of the word. It was hard to describe all that you are in one word, because the others you listed are also very true, but I went with what my heart gave me first and I think it is right on target. Thanks for being you - a true and LOYAL friend!

Jill said...

I'm also honored to be mentioned in your blog!!! I loved your word, savvy, if I haven't already told you! It was my favorite response of all! Of course, I felt a little bad for not liking "dependable," "reliable," etc. better than "savvy," especially after reading your response to "loyal" being your favorite! I'm just happy being "savvy!" We'll miss you in Disney the next few days, but looking forward to it in June! Hey, maybe I'll be "savvy" and find a way for us to save some money while we're there! :)

elke said...

You can add sincere to that list...Before I even read what the others said I said the word sincere to myself.
In all the conversations we had back in college, and now over the computer I have never felt like you said something you didn't mean.
And, I never once felt like you were just patting the goofy girl on the head until she went away and left you alone. That is definitely something I'm quick to see in someone.
Your sincerity rang through back then and does now.
You already know how you've touched my life. And that word sincere goes hand in hand with it.
I would never have remember the love you showed if it were not sincere.
Thanks for planting the seeds in my life! = )