Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All Scrapped Out and Other Random News

This weekend I went on my first ever scrapbooking retreat. I mostly agreed to go because it was 2 nights away where I was free to do whatever I wanted, even though I went under the pretense of "scrapbooking." Out of the 15-20 people that were there, I only knew 2 others, so I literally was on my own. Friday night flew by and even though when I got to Okoboji the antiques stores and flea markets were calling my name, I went to the resort and even decided to start working on my books.

Before I knew it, I was actually enjoying myself and getting a TON done. Seventy-four pages later - yes 74! I had completed everything I had brought with me to do by 11:00 Saturday night. It was a great weekend and I made it to church on Sunday in time to see Ashlyn sing with the Sunday school classes.

This retreat came after a trying week with Carter - one of the reasons I was so eager to go! The medicine he was on to keep his ears clear until we could get to the ENT made him HYPER! He's one of those kids anyway, but he was almost uncontrollable on the medicine and like clockwork about 30 minutes after his daily dose, he was bouncing off the walls.

Thursday afternoon we went to the ENT and just like everything else with this kid, the answer was clear as mud. The doc basically said if it was his kid, he would do the tubes, but not to count on them staying in any longer than 9 months to a year. Our dilemma is that winter is just about over (snow is actually melting here!) and we're headed into the time of year when last year, he didn't have a single runny nose or ear infection. The dilemma is that if the tubes do help but only stay in 9 months, we're right back to November when all of this started up again this year!

And one final bit of random news - my friend Angela is finally pregnant! She's just gone through in vitro and the blood test came back positive yesterday afternoon. She's only 4 weeks, so please pray for her that things go smoothly over the next few weeks and months for them.

I'm off to enjoy the warmer weather. I check back in later...Maybe when the sun goes down since it's finally out again!

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