Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Coming Home!

I just read Kristin's blog and God has been faithful! He worked a miracle for her today and I know her faith will be forever strengthened. She will be leaving Ghana tonight WITH her new children, Raymond and Delali. After countless holdups and run-arounds with her paperwork for visas for them, the visas were issued this morning. On a Friday. A day when they don't normally do exit interviews or issue visas. And they're also only open a half-day on Fridays.

Prayer really does work. Thank you to anyone who reads this blog that may have said a prayer for the Spittles. I know their hearts are full and overflowing and now the stress of the last 34 days perhaps was all worth it - for all NINE of them to be together again in a couple of days.

Kristin and the kids leave Ghana tonight!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, He is faithful!! I love to hear about the wonderful miracles that He still performs for His Children. Looking forward to a new photo of the new "7" Spittle children.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Lifting praises to God for your friends!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Yes, He truly does hear our prayers. Even when we don't think He's listening. It's always in His timing. = )