Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tractor Rides

Carter finally rode in a tractor!!!

A few weeks ago, we went out to the farm with Britney one day when he was going to be helping with harvest. Last year Carter fell in love with anything tractor/combine/John Deere related, but would not ride in any of them because he was afraid of the noise. This year, he was much more brave.

As soon as we got to the farm on this particular day, he jumped out of the car, ran over to the tractor, climbed right in and rode with his daddy for a couple of hours. At one point, he and Ashlyn traded off so that she was riding and he was playing at the farm with me. Ashlyn decided she was done riding, so Britney called me to come get her. Carter then decided he wanted to ride again, but the only way I could get him out to the tractor was for him to ride on the 4 wheeler with me. He was a little apprehensive at first (again, he was afraid of the noise), but once I assured him I would go slow and that it wasn't even as loud as the tractor, he climbed on and had another great time.

Ashlyn has long been a fan of the 4 wheeler. We can't go to the farm for even 5 minutes without her asking for a ride. Her only complaint when riding with me is that I don't go as fast as daddy :)

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Jill said...

Carter looks so small next to the big wheel of the tractor! I'm glad he had so much fun! Now you probably won't be able to go to the farm without taking him on a ride!