Monday, February 15, 2010

More Snow

We had another 5 or so inches of snow over the weekend. Combined with the howling winds, it has not been pretty! At least it was sunny today, so I wasn't too grumpy - even with the kids out of school - AGAIN!

We're hoping to get some new pictures of all the snow tomorrow. Britney has been borrowing our neighbor's snow blower to clear the driveway, so I haven't really been out in the snow (except to get to the van in the garage!) for a couple of weeks. I think I'm oblivious to how tall the banks and drifts are now. They're just the same white stuff I see every day. Anyway, today he came in and said the piles at the end of the driveway are at least as tall as he is - if not taller!

On top of everything, our dumb dog has run away twice this week. If anyone wants a 9 year old miniature schnauzer and can convince our kids to let you have her, she is FREE! I'm only half kidding...

I'm coming up with some projects to make the winter go by faster. Hopefully I'll have some good befores-and-afters to show you soon!

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