Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I can't think of a better word to describe my 8-year-old, Ashlyn. Her imagination is always running wild, and I am amazed at the games she thinks up and convinces Carter to play with her. She catches things in my conversations with Britney that I didn't even know she was listening to.

So, I just have to share the answer she wrote on her weekly reading assessment last week. Her teacher's comment on the front, "Your #6 answer is outstanding!" prompted me to immediately turn to #6 to see what was so outstanding. The question was based on a passage they had to read about a museum and was worded like this:
"Based on what you read in the passage, what would a trip to the art museum be like? Use details from the passage in your answer."

And here is Ashlyn's brilliantly outstanding answer.

"A trip to an art museum would be pleasant, cool and interesting because there are beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other beautiful objects. Some objects are very old. Some may be valuable. Others may have been presious to people that lived long ago."

I was beaming with pride over her answer. She is so much smarter than I realize, and I'm so thankful her teacher took the time to point out that outstanding answer.

But it does make me wonder what kind of comments we'll see on Carter's tests in a few years...


Sweet Inlow's said...

Wow Lara that is so neat. What a special little girl.

Judy & Marvin said...

"Like mother, like daughter" they always say. Reminds me of some of the great "wisdom" I saw in you so many years ago.
As for Carter, he may just surprise you. But, as for now, he would probably say....."An art museum would be fun but the big John Deer tractor parked out front was the best thing I saw there"!!!