Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Quote From Carter

Here's the latest from Carter:

"Mom, I measured the ottoman and it's about 8 minutes to go."

He said this while using a tape measure to actually measure the ottoman. I've never seen a tape that measures in "minutes to go!"

He must use the "special" tape measure...


Anonymous said...

That's my grandson and I love him dearly!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that first comment was from me, not Marvin, but he loves him too. We both get quite a few good laughs out of his little quotes. I usually share his latest "thoughts" when the two of us are eating around the dinner table at night. They always make us smile!
Love you,

Lisa said...

that's too funny...kind of like max's new things is everything is measured in "10 minutes". "jenna cried in her bed for 10 minutes", "mommy i went potty for 10 minutes". he woke up yesterday morning, i was still in bed of course, and told me, "i took a nice nap in my bed for 10 minutes". scott and i laugh and laugh!

Anonymous said...

Ha! "TOWER OF CHEERIO" boy strikes again... = )