Saturday, August 9, 2008


As the kids and I were walking down to our little grocery store, I had a memory come flooding back that made me a little sad and a little nostalgic. Maine Avenue, the main street that runs through town, reminds me a lot of Berry this time of year. It's a wide street, lined with stately trees - a lot like the walk I took every day from my dorm at the Ford Buildings down to the main part of campus. It is beautiful! And every day that walk was a time I spent deep in thought - either going over my notes again right before a big test or just about life in general. It was also the location of lots of talks with friends, and time spent just looking at the cows in the pasture. The only difference is it's people looking back at you wondering what you're doing instead of a smelly old cow!


Judy & Marvin said...

Memories, they always bring special thoughts to our hearts and minds don't they? You are right! When I looked at this photo I immediately thought about Berry College as well. (As a matter of fact, at first glance, I thought that was what I was looking at.) Dad and I had lots of happy memories there as well every time we came to visit. Thanks for sharing this photo and "your heart" with us today and for bringing back those special moments.
I love you,

Lisa said...

lovely picture, so serene...but i'm honestly still caught up in the fact that you walk to the grocery store, girl, that's just down right fabulous! :)

agirlinawhirl said...

I don't think we'll ever get away from yearning for Berry every now and then. I think that's why we all ended up there...some sort of magic to the place..someplace that seemed not so much of this world. I'm envious you have one of those beautiful streets where you live. Enjoy it for me. It'll be while till I get back to the mountain.

ANonnyMouse said...

And then the tranquil nostalgic memory suddenly took a turn for the worse as a blue Jetta came speeding down the road as you were lost in thought looking at the cows, and some maniac yelled "Beavis" out of the window at you! = )