Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ashlyn is 7

This is one of the many posts I started a couple of weeks ago and then got distracted and never got around to posting. I know it's VERY LATE, but I still need to celebrate my girl!

I can't believe Ashlyn is 7. We had a fun-filled weekend of celebrating her and I think she enjoyed every minute of it! Friday (her actual birthday), we went out to eat at the Brazilian steak house here - her new favorite place to eat. You would not believe how much that little girl ate! And topped it all off with a piece of chocolate cake!

Saturday, she had a few friends over for a small birthday party. Carter got to invite his best friend from preschool, Quentin. These boys are two peas in a pod. Ashlyn had a great time at her party and got to spend the afternoon playing with some great friends.

And just because we aim to please, her only unfulfilled request was to go ice skating. So, we headed over to the arena Sunday for open skate and played around on the ice for about an hour. After that we were all pooped and ready to get out of those uncomfortable skates!

Here's a little video...

And you can check more of the action out here.

And pictures of the rest of the weekend here.



Anonymous said...

Oh, this was just so much fun to watch! Thank you for posting such fun pictures and videos. How I wish we could join you. Not that I could function on the ice, but. . .the company would be great! I can't believe Ashlyn is 7 either--what a lovely young lady!
Love you all and miss you much,

Anonymous said...

WOW 7 years old...where does the time go!!! Missing talking to you! Hope all is well. Things are crazy know how that is!!!
Love you

Elke said...

Lara, I love how Carter's tongue almost touches his nose as he concentrates on getting over to you! = ))