Saturday, March 21, 2009

My 10 Minute Curtain Fix

I was having a hard time finding curtains for Carter's room before the tour of homes in December. So, I borrowed a trick from my sister Pam - use sheets! If I had found Nester before, I would've saved myself even more time and trouble. Oh well.

These "curtains" are flat sheets that I bought on clearance. I cut and added the red section to the bottom for some interest, but I still just wasn't happy with how they were hanging.

I had bought these wooden appliques on clearance at WalMart last year sometime. I knew I'd find something to do with them. I just wasn't sure when or what it would be. I had the ribbon upstairs in my ribbon stash and one day just couldn't take the sloppy curtains anymore!

So I pulled out my glue gun, glued the ribbon and applique on and Voila! They look so much better and let in so much more light! I love them!

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Remodeling Guy said...

Brilliant idea on those curtains! And your house looks amazing! i love old houses!

have you ever heard of Bayshore in Tampa? They always show it when there is a big game, like Superbowl, in town. It's a beautiful street on the water.

I remodeled a 120 year old house there once and it was so much fun! The place had such neat construction!

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