Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kitchen Progress in Pictures!

I finally cleaned up the kitchen enough that I'm not totally embarrassed about posting pictures of it. It still has a long way to go, but most of the prep work is finally done.

Just so you can all see how far we've come, here is a before picture.

And here's some with some progress!

It doesn't look like I've done too much for as long as I've been working on it, but the insides of the cabinets HAD to be painted too. They were this hideous orangey-peach color. Thanks to Kasey for the paint color - Cottage White :)

This is the trim we put in on the long wall in the kitchen. The plate rail came out of the Spittle's new old house. They turned their dining room into their school room and the bookshelves wouldn't work with the plate rail up. Lucky us!!!

And finally, a closeup of one of the lights that is going above the sink :)

Maybe in a couple of weeks I can post pictures of the final product!


Judy & Marvin said...

Great job so far. This may be your best "remodel masterpiece" yet. Can't wait to see the finished product. Keep up the good work.

southernjoy said...

It looks great! I am so impressed with all that you do in the house. I usually leave that sort of thing up to my husband. You're brave!