Thursday, May 10, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I'm sitting here in the living room, looking out the window on another beautiful morning. The weather here has been perfect the last few days. Highs have been in the 80s with very low humidity. There hasn't been much wind either. The hardest decision I've had to make the last few days (besides where to put things) is what we're going to do with our days!

Tuesday the kids and I worked in the yard all day. We planted some wildflower seeds in a new flower bed that we dug out. The kids also played frisbee and on their new slide that Nana gave them for Christmas. By the time we went inside, they were covered in mud from head to toe and left a nice ring around the bathtub once they were all clean! One of our neighbors stopped told me that she could always tell how much fun her kids were having by how dirty they were. By the looks of Carter and Ashlyn, they must have had a blast!

Yesterday we spent the day at the lake. There is a pretty big lake in Worthington, about 15 minutes away. We found this little park that joins right up to the lake, so the kids could play on the playground for awhile and then play in the sand and they even ventured into the water about knee-deep. I'm sure it was cold, but they insisted it wasn't, so I let them play.

Hmmm, so what should we do today? I'm sure we'll be outside again and I need to walk down to the grocery store and the hardware store. So far, life here is very good. I hope I'm still saying the same thing next January and February :)


Alyson said...

Ok, sounds good! Keep up the warm temps for the next couple of weeks! This southern girl likes it warm! Zach is in Seattle this week and has the same temps you are talking about. No humididty! He says if I was there I would not want to go back???
See you,

Jill said...

Ok, so now I can say that I am officially jealous. I would love a few days where the only thing I had to worry about was what fun stuff we were going to do! I'm glad you guys are enjoying it so much. Tell Ashlyn and Carter that Nathan misses them (and you and Britney too)!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lara it sounds like a fairy tale. I am so glad you are enjoying this new season of life for y'all. If you can, post some pictures of what all you have done to the house/yard. Enjoy your day!
Lisa R

Lynn Cantrell said...

Hey Lara,
It's so good to keep up with you through this blog-thingie (don't you love my computer language?).
I'm so glad things went well with the move and that you and the family are enjoying this new adventure. This little town reminds me of a place I visited called Kulm, ND. I thought it was the most marvelous place I had ever visited, so friendly and sweet. The people were kind and no matter where I went in town, folks always knew that I was a visitor and just chatted in the nicest way. Everyday people met at the cafe for coffee and pie in the afternoon and no matter what the kids go into, it was ok.
They were driving hay balers at 10-12 years of age. It was incredible! I hope your town will be like that. (Maybe not the hay-baler thing, but you know what I mean!)
Anyway, we love you and hope things continue to go well. I'm like Jill, I think I could be a little jealous of that free time!
Keep us up with the blog.
Love you lots.
Miss C.

Melena said...

Hey guys. I am glad to hear that you are all enjoying life right now. It sounds like a great place to make memories...or write a book. I'll have to keep that in mind:) Tell Ashlyn and Carter hello for us. Reese misses Ashlyn and asks about her often. She even prays for you all. We would love to see some pics soon. I would love to see the house now that you have your own stuff in it.

Until next time.............