Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm off to the airport in a few minutes to pick up my good friend Alyson. She's flying in for a weekend of sitting around doing nothing - and she's excited about it! Thank God for good friends. Have a great Memorial Day and remember to thank a veteran for giving of their life and time to ensure we keep the freedoms that those before them fought so hard for. Jonathan, Reggie, Granddaddy - thank you so much for all of the sacrifices that you've made. I love you! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy it!


Judy & Marvin said...

Hi Lara and everyone,

I hope you and Allison are having a fun and "productive" week. When I talked to the kids this morning they told me that you both were working in the playroom. Don't you know that in just about five minutes the playroom will look like "two tornadoes" came through? Oh! How I wish MY PLAYROOM could look like that again!!!! We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. We will miss you when we gather to cookout on Monday but you will be close in our hearts as you are everyday. Thank you, sweet Allison, for flying to Minnesota to be with Lara and help her to unpack a few more boxes. I will pray that you have a safe flight back to Georgia. Love and kisses to all the Fransen Clan. I will talk to you again soon. Mom

Beth Leonard said...

Hey Lara!
Wow - quite an adventure you are on! We are still praying for you - in particular that the house would sell and God would grow your trust in Him and provide for you until it does.
Don and I spent Memorial Day (Sunday and Monday) with Robert and Kathy in Augusta doing construction in their apartment and demolition in the shop! You should have seen Kathy and I breaking down things and hauling them out (over our heads!) into the dumpster! It was fun but we were all sore. We all camped out in their bedroom (it's big) because there wasn't any AC and all the fans were in that room. Plus they only have one working bathroom so far. Now the AC is up so it isn't so much like camping. I told them that we're enabling them to leave us by helping them work!
Kiki and Don leave on their missions trip to Guatemala in the morning. They will be with Dr. Alb sharing their faith at the clinics. Both are excited - especially Kiki who can't wait to use her growing Spanish skills! It will be pretty quiet around here, but thankfully I have 3 painting jobs going at once. BTW, I haven't forgotten you'd like tractors for Carter's room! From your blog I'd say that you couldn't have chosen a more appropriate motif!
We miss you guys and I am enjoying reading about how things are going. I tend not to leave messages but I will try to be better!

Love, Beth