Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A long overdue update!

Hello! We're still alive! We haven't frozen to death :)

Please remember my mom today - it's supposed to be her last chemo treatment! We're all praying for a clean report and a healthy mom after all of this is over. We know that the Lord put us all through this for a reason, and we're praying that He will restore her health quickly. Thank you all for your kindness and concern over the last 6 months. I always appreciated the notes, prayers and questions about how Mom was doing.

Life here has been delightfully slow. Alyson visited over Memorial Day weekend, and it was so great to see her! She helped me set up the disaster area that was to be the kids' playroom. Now that's a true friend! The kids have even done a pretty good job of keeping it picked up. She conquered 3 states in her short visit - South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. We turned her into a true road warrior and world traveler :)

A lot of you have asked for pictures of the house or the kids. I'm working on it and as soon as it's up on the website, I'll post the address and let you know. Sorry it's taken so long.

Last weekend was Buffalo Days over in Luverne, MN. It's a town about 15 miles away that is a little bigger than Adrian. I discovered lots of little gift shops and clothing stores that are just calling my name!

Anyway, Buffalo Days is kind of like Lilburn Daze or Suwanee Day, but without the heat and the crowds. The morning starts with a parade down Main Street. Ashlyn was expecting characters dressed up in costume enclosed in snow globes to go passing by. But, to her, this was even better because the people walking down the street in the parade threw CANDY! There were beauty queens, tractors, "big trucks" and the best part for Carter were the fire trucks! There must have been close to 10 of them in the parade, so you can only imagine how many times we heard "A FIRE CUCK!!!" at the top of his lungs! Oh yeah and there was also a cement mixer, so that was pretty good too.

After the parade, there is a huge craft show with over 100 booths. And a hot dog stand where you can feed a family of 4 for $7 :) We ate lunch and walked around the booths, the kids played on the playgrounds for awhile and then we came home. It was a nice day and Ashlyn is already asking when is the next Buffalo Days???

Today we're planning to go ride bikes around the lake. It's supposed to be sunny and almost 80, so should be a good day for it. Hope you all have a good one!


Alea said...

Sounds like fun! Mom mentioned you were going to Luverne but wasn't sure what for. I remember the great parades back in Nebraska that they used to throw candy at. They were the best! (Then I began to dislike them in Georgia because we always had to march in them:) Anyway, sounds like you are enjoying the nice weather. It is supposed to be 91 degrees here tomorrow and for me that is too hot! I am already complaining about the heat and Jonathan is having a fit. He's a true southern boy, I guess.:) Well, have a great week. I have been thinking about getting my bike out, maybe I should do that. Unfortunately I don't have a pretty lake to ride around:(

marla said...

Buffalo Days--that must be a new one since we lived there--hadn't heard of that one! But I am glad the kids enjoyed all the big equipment in the parade. Sometimes Grandpa Marvin drives his old John Deere tractor in those parades, too! There should be more local town parades soon. OR you may have to wait until Turkey Day in Worthington in September! That was always the highlight of the fall season. And yes, they really did herd turkeys down Main Street. We are looking forward to your pictures; I know it takes time to get them all organized. We miss you all VERY much! Big kisses and hugs to Ashlyn and Carter from Popop.

Love, Mom