Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where Have You Been?

I know you're probably asking me that question :) We've been busy, but I can't really tell you what we've been doing. Have you ever felt that way??? We did spend most of last week expanding our patio and as soon as I can get out there to take pictures of it, I will post some. I have before and after so that you can truly appreciate it! A couple of weeks ago, we took the kids on a wetland tour. Britney's aunt Mel works for the Heron Lake Watershed District as the Education Coordinator. This was a special event that they coordinated along with some other organizations in the area. The pictures are of Carter and Ashlyn on that tour. At one of the sites, a baby goose (a gosling) had fallen into a hole and one of the guys on our tour noticed it and rescued it. The gosling rode on the bus with us back to the starting point. Carter and Ashlyn loved it. We also got to see some monstrous tadpoles. This one is only about 1/4 of the size that another one we saw was! And the plant is what the Pioneers used as toilet paper in their early days on the prairie. It really was quite soft - almost like brushed cotton or something. Other than that, nothing too exciting. I'll try to get some pictures up of the house and the yard tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend!


April said...

Lara - It was so good to talk to you the other day. Sounds like everything is falling into place just the way God wants it! I am thankful for your happiness (and jealous of your new town!) I love the pictures you posted - esp. the one of the kids. Can't wait to see the ones of the house. Talk to you soon!!
"From one former not BG to another"
PS Can you think hard to your past to remember that? :) Love you!

elke said...

Hey Lara! = )
Those are very cool picts from the Wwetland tour. Looks like a very pretty area that you live in now. And oh, congratulations on the sale of the house in Georgia! I need to remember to check you blog more often to see how you are doing. =)