Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pictures - Finally!

I've finally sat down long enough to create some photo albums online!! You can click here or go to

I don't have many posted of the kids yet, but check back often. I plan on adding more and will try to remember to post here when I do!



Marla said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing! Everything looks so beautiful; I can see why you love it there so far. The wallpaper is an incredible find. Is it on the walls by the front main staircase? I am getting a better idea of the lay of the house from the pictures. Your things look good in the rooms! Ashlyn and Carter, I liked seeing your rooms, too! And your playroom with all your toys made me lonesome for them as well as you two! It looks like you have your own little park with your slide and picnic table in that little garden. I bet it is a wonderful shady spot to spend a summer afternoon. Have fun!
Love to you all,
Love, Mom

Judy & Marvin said...

Hi Everyone,
I loved ALL of the pictures. Your new home is beautiful and now I can picture what everything looks like much better than moving the lap top from room to room! I see that Ashlyn is still the "princess" and playing the part to the hilt!! Carter, well, he is always just the prince in his own little world (cowboy hat and all). I can hardly wait to get up there to play in that playroom and to see all of you. Gosh I miss you guys so much and when I see these pictures it makes me realize just how much!! Thanks for sending all the pictures of the house and the kids; it's almost like we had a little visit already. I love you guys and I am happy that you all seem so happy. I will talk to you soon. Love, Nana

lisa i. said...

Hey Girl, I LOVED looking @ all your pictures. What a beautiful place you have. I hope you're doing good. Love, Lisa

Melena said...

The pictures are awesome. Reese really enjoyed seeing them. She asked if we could move to Minnesota. Carter still looks sweet in his cowboy hat. I really miss him in class. Reese loves going in Miss Belinda's class though. She feels like a big girl. She just got her ears pierced and she walks around showing everyone. Best wishes to you all.................

April said...

Lara - Love all the pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! I can't get over the kids! WOW!!!!

Love to you all

Elke said...

That is one green yard you have there! = )
Our yard is just starting to recover from the drought. We didn't have to mow for about a month.
I'm very happy for you guys. I pray that God's peace remains yours and you continue to seek His face for the next steps to take.

Love you!