Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Weather Updates

OK, so yesterday was a little short. Mostly because I was too cold and tired to write more. Today is better, but then again, I just got up an hour ago :)

Right now, the temp outside is -15 but the windchill is -34. There are warnings out for today that it is dangerous to go outside for any period of time without you skin being completely covered. We'll be staying inside :)

If I had remembered to put on my long underwear yesterday, it wouldn't have been that bad. But, I was rushing out the door to my Bible study and didn't even think about it until it was too late. Walking to get Ashlyn from school wasn't too bad, until I turned the corner and the wind was blowing straight at me. That got COLD!

In other news, Carter has another ear infection. I don't even know how many this makes in his life, but it's only the second one he's had since we moved 8 months ago. That's some kind of record! We go to the doctor at the little clinic here in Adrian because it's only 3 blocks away and I actually really like him. I don't know if I like the doctor more or the fact that we can go for our appointment, wait for tests to come back, get a prescription filled and be home within less than an hour. There were days when it took me an hour just to drive to the doctor in Georgia. And with as sick as my kids were, that was A LOT of driving in the car.

But the other thing that really impressed me when I took Carter in on Thursday is the doctor is concerned about why he keeps getting infections in the same ear. He's looked through his records and doesn't necessarily agree that it's because of allergies. When I take Carter back for his check, he's going to do a test on him to see if there is fluid staying behind the eardrum. After only TWO ear infections. I was floored and couldn't believe that after 2 years of fighting with the doctors in Georgia, two visits and he's ready to see what the underlying problem is. He may just be my hero.


Deanna said...

That is so cool. (The good doctor, not the ear infection...)

I remember our years in Wisconsin a little more each time you post. I think we had electric blankets (those are probably outlawed now...) and lots of long johns underwear...

Anonymous said...

Lara - Sorry about the ear infection. Those are so miserable..for the kid and the Mom! Still praying for snow down here. We missed out this round but hear Atlanta got some. Maybe next time.


Lisa said...

Do we not love it when we get results and answers? Gotta love this Dr. Stay warm.

Lori said...

WOW! Everything about your town is amazing: the parades, the turkeys, the hot dog day, the football team, and now the doctor. I know you are excited the doctor is looking for the root cause of the many ear infections. That alone was worth the move. Truly an answer to prayer. So everything is great...except for that zero and below zero temperature thing.

Jill said...

Maybe he'll look into tubes!! They have been a life saver for Nathan. No infections since he got them in May! And the good thing is...even if he does get oral antibiotics. All you have to do is drops in the ear! Stay warm! Our low 30's and 1" of snow were enough for us for a while...can't imagine the subzero temps!!! Love you!

E said...

Hey Lara!
We will be praying for Carter and his ear infection. First of all we pray for God's complete healing in the situation so that the doctors don't even have to go as far as tubes. Secondly we just pray that somehow God is glorified in this situation. And that your trust in Him is strengthened.
Praying for your protection in the cold weather as well. And we pray for more surprises like a cleared driveway from a friendly neighbor.

Love you!

southernjoy said...

Our little {s} had tubes put in 11 months ago, and hasn't had an infection since. Similar situation... fluid that wouldn't drain, then it would progress into an infection. He had a tympanogram (I bet that's what your dr. is talking about) and an audiogram, and had some mild hearing loss because of the fluid. After hearing that, we didn't question the need for tubes any more. The tubes made such a difference. Just found out yesterday that they're out of the drum and sitting in the canals... he'll have another hearing test in two months.