Monday, January 14, 2008

Shoveling Snow

So, what have you been up to? Me? I've been shoveling snow. We haven't had much, but it's the first time I've had to shovel since before Christmas. We got about three inches last week, so I decided Carter needed some time to play outside. He decided he would do daddy's job for him.

I thought I would post these pictures for those of you who have never experienced shoveling snow before. It's usually not too bad. It's like throwing cotton across the driveway almost, unless it's iced over. Then it's like shoveling red clay. And the most fun part is throwing the snow on Carter. Yes, I really throw snow on him and yes, I'm a mean mom. He usually laughs and throws snow right back on me. Or on the garage.

On the day these pictures were taken, a mystery person came and cleared out the front part of our driveway. You see, our driveway is huge. We live on a corner lot and it circles around so that you can enter from either street. After our first big snowfall just after Thanksgiving, the snow turned to freezing rain before the storm moved through. So, it was like trying to shovel through six inches of red clay in freezing cold weather. You can imagine how far we got. We decided to just clear the entrance closest to the garage and leave the other side of the driveway until spring. No big deal.

Britney had managed to shovel a path for me to walk the kids to school without having to go through the deep snow. When I came home from school that morning, the driveway was still covered and our path was still there. While Carter and I were out shoveling snow, I realized that someone had come in the couple of hours we were up in the playroom and used their snow tractor to clear out the driveway.

So, to whoever our mystery snow blower is, thank you! To the rest of you, think of me the next time you hear there's a snow storm in the Midwest!


Anonymous said...

The weather man is talking about a little bit of snow possible for us this week or next and it sounds exciting to us. However, after seeing these latest photos, I know it will be snow that you would just laugh at now!!!
Your snow looks so pretty to me. But, the shoveling doesn't look like a lot of fun, unless, you have a "little three year old boy with a big blue shovel" working along side you.
A big "thank you" goes out to the mystery angel who came and cleared the driveway. It's those deeds done in secret that count the most!!
Thanks for the photos. Sending our love to everyone. Stay warm!! Love,

Anonymous said...

Lara - That is a lot of snow!!! I think you have gotten your workout for the day and then some after all that shoveling.
I am praying for a little snow from the storm your Mom is talking about so my children might actually see some for the first time! I can only imagine the fun they would have in all that snow!!!!!
Many blessings to the secret snow angel - what goes around comes around! I can only imagine you touched someone in a special way and it has come back to you! I know that must mean the world to you. I am happy when I get out of laundry duty for the day so I can only imagine what snow duty is like.

Tons of love to you

southernjoy said...

Hey Lara! It was fun finding you through Angela's blog. I'll have to catch up with you when I have more time to read!

Mullismayhem said...

Enjoy!!!! My family still misses the snow.

Deanna said...

That looks so fun! I'm glad you took pictures. :-)

Send a little our way, will ya? I can't wait to show Elias snow! Maybe we need a field trip...