Thursday, March 13, 2008


I think I've been in denial the last week which is why I haven't posted this yet. Ashlyn turned 6 - SIX - last Thursday. Wow. I can't believe I have a six year old.

She had a great day! She told me as she was going to bed that night that it was the best birthday she's ever had. I know her teacher, Mrs. Erdmann, does a wonderful job making the kids feel special when they have to go to school on their birthday. Ashlyn got to wear a birthday sticker and crown all day at school. She got to take cupcakes with sprinkles on them for snack, eat supper at Pizza Ranch (her favorite restaurant) and got some great gifts all on the same day!

Ashlyn had a small birthday party on Saturday with 4 of her friends. We made flower necklaces, played Kiss the Frog (a princess version of pin the tail on the donkey), have a tea party, decorated treat bags, ate cake and ice cream and played hide and seek. It was a great day and there were some very sweet little girls here. They even included Carter in the fun and games - with no complaints or coercion from mom!

Ashlyn - you are such a sweet little girl. You know what you want and aren't afraid to say it. I hope that confidence follows you all through your life. You're known in your class this year as the nicest girl. I hope that follows you too! I love you and thank God every day for blessing me with you. Happy Birthday (a little late...)!

Oh yeah - you can check out pictures from the big days here.


belinda said...

Happy belated birthday Ashlyn. Your birthday is just 6 days before Miss Belinda's. I turned 50! on the 12th. I miss you and Carter, but keep up with you on Franzen Follies. I am teaching the 2/3 year old class now. The 4/5 year old class just wasn't the same without you. I love you and your family.

Stay Sweet

Miss Belinda

Judy & Marvin said...

Thanks for the pictures,they brought smiles and tears as I watched her enjoy her day. It was such fun talking to her on her birthday; she was soooooo happy. My biggest regret was that I wasn't there to sing the birthday song and give her a great big kiss. (I love them so much and I miss them even more). I pray that God will bless her in a special way and give her many new blessings during her "6th year" .
Love and kisses,

Melena said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLYN!!! I am glad to hear that you had such a wonderful day. We miss you guys!

Mullismayhem said...

Wow, I can't believe she is six!!!
Happy Birhtday.

Mullismayhem said...
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