Monday, March 3, 2008

Before And After

This is a topic I hope to be able to blog about much more in the near future. There are some minor changes that will make a big impact planned for the Fransen house in the near future. But, for now, I've finally finished Ashlyn's room. Her first room. The room she was in when we first moved here, but then decided she wanted the room with the balcony, but then changed her mind again and wanted the bigger room she was in before. So, that's where she is now. For good.

I feel like this post is worthy of some background since you really don't understand how long I've been working on getting her room "finished." It all started this summer with this project. Then we had to wait for the roof to be fixed because when I finally got all of the wallpaper off the ceiling, we discovered a leak in the roof that had been camouflaged by the wallpaper. Then we had to wait for the ceiling to be fixed because the plaster was sagging where the roof had leaked and all of the lathe was rotted underneath. Now all of that has finally been done and Ashlyn decided that she really wanted the big room after all. *Sigh* (No wonder I'm tired all the time!)

So, this weekend while Britney was gone ice fishing, I decided it would be a good time to prime and paint Ashlyn's room. I just really needed to feel like I could finish something. I have a couple of other projects going, but I've lost my motivation on them because they're taking FOREVER! Anyway, I got the room done and here are the before and after pictures. All that's left are curtains and some artwork I'm looking for. Hopefully I'll have both of those in the next couple of weeks. And a rug might be nice :) But, the main thing is that I have quite a happy little girl tonight and all just in time for the birthday on Thursday!

What's next you ask? Stay tuned to find out...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lara - In awe of your talents! And your time management skills!! I know Ashlyn loves her new room. Can you believe she will be six? I still remember going to your baby shower...where does the time go!!!
Love ya

Alea said...

I love it! Very purple but perfect for her....You did a great job so congrats on all your hard work. I know how nice it is to get projects done. I am very impressed with your scrapbooking weekend as well! I have not done any since your house....pretty sad...but have no one to scrapbook with:( Maybe one of these days i'll get motivated. Anyway, hope Ashlyn has a happy 6th birthday.


Anonymous said...

That looks just beautiful. You did a great job. Even the floors made me drool a little bit. Mmmmm, wood floors in a bedroom. Dreamy.

Lori said...

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I totally want to come stay in Ashlyn's Room. You did an amazing job, but it's really no surprise because you are completely talented. Thanks for sharing the pictures and please wish Ashlyn a Happy Birthday from us tomorrow. We love and miss you all!