Monday, August 13, 2007

Wallpaper Should Be Illegal

I HATE wallpaper. I'm not sure where my pure hated of it comes from, but it's alive and well. I HATE wallpaper.

I'm in the middle of taking the wallpaper off the walls and ceiling of Ashlyn's room. It has taken a full week to get just the ceiling done and it's not really all the way finished. You see, the previous owner's (one of whom was an interior designer), patched the cracks in the plaster but then didn't prime or paint over them. So, I basically have wallpaper glued to raw sheetrock mud. Fun.

If you know of ANY tips that will help this whole horrible process go more quickly and more easily, please let me know. My parents are coming to visit the first week of September and I need to have Ashlyn out of the guest room and back in her room before that. Until then, I'll be cursing the man (because I'm sure it was a man) who invented wallpaper.

Oh yeah - and did I mention I have MANY MANY MANY more feet of walls with wallpaper on them??????? I may go insane!


Judy & Marvin said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you!
This too is something that we share---the great dislike of wallpaper. I vowed that I would never put another piece of wallpaper in any home I lived in no matter how "popular" or "beautiful" it was. Don't worry about getting that room finished before dad and I arrive, we can sleep in the "wallpaper jungle" when we come and I will even help you get it off the walls while I am there. I did hear someone say on HGTV the other day that using hot vinegar water was good for getting the paper off but I haven't tried it. I believe that there really isn't a "magic" trick to getting it off, just lots of hard work and elbow grease. Sorry!
Just take a radio up with you and play your favorite CD and that will keep your mind off the task ahead and remember, it probably wasn't put up in a day and it won't come down that way either. Good Luck!! Love you,

Marla said...

OOOHHH, I can relate!! I don't hate wallpaper--you know I even love to hang it. But the removal of it is an entirely different story. Remember my dining room?? Very similar situation. I finally ended up just using a spray bottle of warm water, soaking a small section at a time, and slipping it off as soon as the paper absorbed it. Slow going, but it did work. But a ceiling--how hard on the neck is that? Good luck!
I didn't get to comment on your new blogspot look yet--it's great! And that is a wonderful picture of you--such an attractive daughter-in-law we have!
Small town life certainly seems to agree with you. I think of you as I fight traffic in this heat. It sounds like you have gotten to know the community and neighbors, etc.
Have a good day today. Give the kids hugs from me. As always, we miss you all.

Jill said...

I just have to say that I am jealous of you right now.....It took me 20 minutes to go .4 miles this morning because of the traffic getting into my school. I HATE GWINNETT COUNTY!!!!

Have fun with the wallpaper. THAT, I'm not jealous of! :)

Talk to you soon!