Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Random Thoughts Tonight

Britney is out of town until Sunday, so I am sitting here trying not to fall asleep at 8:45! I should be cleaning out toys and cleaning up the kitchen, but I just don't feel like it right now. The kids and I worked together to clean out the playroom this afternoon. Ashlyn did a pretty good job of getting rid of some of the toys she doesn't play with anymore. Carter was right behind us pulling things out of the "yard sale" pile. Oh well - at least all of the yard sale toys are on the same side of the room now!

My mom called me yesterday that the results from her scans on Monday were GREAT! There is no sign of cancer anywhere! Praise the Lord! Thanks to all of you who have been praying for her. I know some of you don't even know my mom, so it really means a lot to me. Please continue to pray that the cancer stays gone! Oh yeah and they finally got tickets to come visit in early September!

Yesterday and today the kids and I saw crop dusters flying over some of the fields. The one yesterday was flying over a field behind our house, so he'd go dust the crops and circle around again, coming right over our house and the school. We went out and got some pictures of it (coming soon) and then the kids played on the playground until he was done. They were so excited to watch him circle and circle and circle and...

We saw another one today after we dropped Britney off at the farm. He was flying so low that I could look out the window of the car and I was looking eye-level at him. I've never seen one that up-close before. It was so neat! Until he circled right above us and started diving toward the field and I had all kinds of horrible visions going through my head :) We didn't stick around much longer after that!

One more thing - sorry for all of the horribly hot days in Atlanta this week. From what I've seen, it's almost unbearable! Try to stay cool! I don't miss this part of the summer in the South!

Hmmm...anything else out of the ordinary? Not that I can think of, but I'm sure it won't be long until there's something else we encounter that we never did in the city!


April said...

Lara - GREAT news about your Mom. I praise God with you all. I know you all will be glad to see her in Sept. :) I am hating the weather right now down here. I actually started a scarf for you the other day and thought this is really pretty to bad I will never need one - even winter isn't cold enough down here to really need one! Talk to you soon - Katie starts school next week! I will call and give you an update!
Love to you all

Melena said...

I am so glad to hear that your mother is cancer free. I know she is glad to have that behind her so she can move forward. I'm sure you're counting the days down until September. Allen said that it is going to be over 100 today. I guess I'll be staying inside. Tell everyone hello!

Elke said...

Praise God about your mom's report from the doctor! I will let everyone at church know. They've all been praying!!!