Friday, August 10, 2007

And the tree came tumbling down...

So, I knew it wouldn't be long before we experienced small town life again. Before I tell this story, let me just say that I LOVE living here! I don't know why but the novelty of it and the simpleness of it just must be what I need right now. I don't know that I'll always say that, but for now, I'm perfectly content to live in a town that is the same size as our neighborhood was in Georgia.

Anyway, this afternoon the kids and I were out taking a walk around the block. We made it as far as our neighbor's driveway. Our next door neighbor and the one next to them and the one across the street were all coming out of their houses because a big boom truck had just parked on the street. You see, our neighbors one house over have a dead tree in their front yard and apparently today was the day it was to come down.

The kids and I finished our walk - quickly so as not to miss the excitement. Then we came home, grabbed a quick supper and went across the street to watch. Oh yeah - did I mention that watching the tree come down was the entertainment for the block for the night? Our next door neighbors were there as well as some neighbors from down the street. They came prepared to stay awhile with small coolers full of their choice beverage even.

I was laughing to myself for the whole TWO HOURS that the kids and I sat there - visiting and watching this giant of a man cut a tree down all by himself. It really was quite amazing, but I've never heard so many comments about the amount of sweat in my life! I just kept thinking - I live somewhere that it's OK to be nosy!

And there you have it - life in a small town - where it only takes a little to entertain a lot!

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