Friday, August 10, 2007


If you know me AT ALL, you know I like change. I'll change my mind forty times before I finally decide what color to paint a room. And clothes? Britney just rolls his eyes at the number of times I change my clothes on Sunday mornings. Why only Sunday? Why not the rest of the week? I don't know, but I digress...Living with me can be a nightmare!

Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed that I changed my template. I'm not the tech-savvy one in the family. He's on vacation. So, until I can sit down long enough to figure out how to customize some things, you'll probably have to endure several changes through the standard templates through Blogger. Hope you don't mind!

How about you? Do you like change? If so, why and what do you like the most about it? If not, why not? Leave me a comment and explain yourselves!!


Deanna said...

I LOVE it!! What a great site. And I get to be the first to comment... The PRESSURE! :-) Enjoyed chatting with you on Friday, that certainly made the work day go by faster.

Oh, I'm supposed to comment on change. Change is good. Dollar bills are better. Wow - all that humor and I haven't had a shower yet. I like change if I get new stuff, as in throw out the old, go shopping for a brand new whatever, preferably red... does that count?

April said...

Lara - You know me well enough that I don't even need to answer. One reason why I am friends with you is b/c you do like change and I can live through you since I don't like it at all!!!!! But how's this for I type this I am holding a new puppy in my lap. Pretty good for someone who loves order and routines!!!!
Guess that want happen for awhile with school starting and a new puppy!

Mullismayhem said...

I like change, but sometimes like right now all the change of moving, new job, new church hunting, new (yet old fixer-upper) house seems to be a little overwhelming. So, I painted my kitchen red, that makes this house seem like a Kathy house. So, some things never change.
Keep up the blogs, I love to read about how and what you guys are doing.

Elkmeister said...

Change...hmmm...I definitely am a girl of order. But, I don't after about 2 years of something I start needing a refresher. I'm going to say that I like to be settled. So if my environment doesn't settle me then I will change it. How's that for being vague? = )

By the way, I crave the kind of town you live in now. Sounds so refreshing I can almost smell the clean air.

Judy & Marvin said...

Hi Lara, I loved the cute picture and I even like the "green" (used to be Carter's favorite color) background. I'm probably the one you can blame for the constant changes. I am like you; I change clothes several times before I decide what to wear *usually because they don't fit!!!! And then, you remember how I was always moving furniture around and painting walls. Just be resolved that it is in your blood and enjoy the challenges.
I loved the story of the tree; where else but a small town could you have such great opportunities to meet your neighbors!! Can't wait to come see it for myself. Love to all,

Alea said...

Change. Well, I would have to say that change is one of my least favorite things. I hate change. It's pretty crazy that you brought that up today, since I have been mulling over a lot of decisions that have to do with change in my life. I guess it's a good thing someone likes it, cause maybe you're loving it can make up for my hatred for it. Oh, lots going on the in the job front again and I really just want to ignore it. We'll see.:) Anyway, I do like your new blog however. Looks like the color of my kitchen. Which I like.:)