Thursday, April 24, 2008


Here's a conversation that happened between Carter, Britney and me just a few minutes ago.

Maggie (the dog) - chomp, chomp, chomp
Me - "Carter, did you give Maggie a little bone?"
Carter - "Yeah."
Me - "Did you ask?"
Carter - "I asked Maggie. I asked her red, green or brown."
Me - "Did Maggie say green?"
Carter - "Yeah. She likes green the best." "Daddy, can I finish watching Fairytopia?"

That's our boy!


Judy & Marvin said...

Thanks for sharing that---it's the best laugh I've had all week!! I can just picture that conversation. I am sure that Carter was just as serious as he could be and I love him just the way he is!!!

Jill said...

Too cute!!! I can't wait to see him (and the rest of you too!) in about 6 weeks!! I do have one question - what is fairytopia????

Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny! I, too, am having a good chuckle over our little Carter. I think I detected a bit of a "Monte-ism" in that!
Love you all,

Lori said...

Carter is really the Dog Whisperer. How funny!

Montizzle said...

sounds logical to me :)