Thursday, January 22, 2009

How To Make A Turkey

Ashlyn brought home a book from her class library yesterday called How To Make A Turkey. It's a book that her teacher put together after having all of the kids in her class write out instructions for making a turkey. I'm sure it's one of those activities they did around Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I only saw it for a couple of minutes this morning, but I had to look through to find Ashlyn's. Here are her instructions:

1. Buy a 6 pound turkey.

2. Put it in the oven at 90 degrees.

3. Cook it in a pan for 45 minutes.

4. Take it out and put some hot sauce on it.

5. Then you eat it!

I'm thinking she may need to spend some more time with me in the kitchen! And I'm wondering where she went and had turkey with hot sauce on it???


Jill said...

Pop must have shown her how to eat turkey...

Anonymous said...

Hot sauce is gravy! You inspired me and I just asked Sofia how to make a turkey. She gave me instructions on how to make a turkey craft like they did in her preschool class. I was rolling (it involves a scratchy paper glove and popcorn stuffing with M&Ms). I think Ashlyn's turkey would be better, except for the salmonella poisoning and what-not...

agirlinawhirl said...

That's hilarious. We did that in my kindergarten class way back when. My favorite was "how to make chocolate milk." You take 1 cup of chocolate and a few drops of milk and stir...hehehe.

Alea said...

Well, it sounds like it would be about like my turkey I made for Thanksgiving right after we got married. It was half frozen! Good thing it was only mom, dad, and Monte present as they were very nice about it regardless.:)

Carol @SheLives said...

Hi, Lara

Just dropping by to thank you for your comment on my post at Rocks in My Dryer yesterday. So sorry about your husband's grandparents. I sincerely appreciate your encouragement.

And yeah, somebody needs to talk with girlfriend about what it takes to cook a turkey. Maybe she's just trying to heat up already cooked turkey slices? Even so, 90degrees? I think 150 is as low as my oven goes.

Easy Bake Oven turkey? No clue.