Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like...

Ripping out that bump-thing that was bugging you!

I decided to strip wallpaper in 3 rooms last weekend and "take my time" re-doing them. Well, I'm not sure yet how that's going to work out since I don't really know how to take my time at anything.

Case in point. I had been asking all week what Britney thought about ripping that "thing" out. I keep calling it a thing because I don't know the technical term and I'm too lazy to go find out what it is.

Anyway, yesterday I asked AGAIN if I could poke just a small hole in it to make sure there was nothing running through it (like pipes or wires). Britney said yes, so made a LITTLE hole in it, but of course we couldn't really see anything. So, my wonderful husband whacked a HUGE hole in it and declared that it could in fact, come down!

HOORAY! What a difference taking that thing out made. Everyone may not notice it, but I love how much more open our kitchen seems.

OH! And I almost forgot the best part! When he was knocking it out, he found an envelope from the people who owned our house for almost 50 years, the Nealys. It states:
"On Dec. 9th, 1958, Mr. Joe Kramer built this drop in our home. Our family are David 20 - Timothy 18 - Sally 15 - Mark 15 and Peggy Ellen 9 years of age. At this time we also put new green tile in downstairs bathroom. Ellen Nealy."

How cool is that!!! And, want to guess what my next question to Britney was???

Yep! What else can we knock down to look for another cool note!


Judy & Marvin said...

How exciting!! You never know the "treasures" you will find when you start remodeling an old home! I know that you will preserve this note along with the other little pieces of history that you have discovered.

Now YOU need to start leaving little "treasures" for the next generation who might live in your home one day.
I Love you,

southernjoy said...

So neat! I can't believe you found a note! So... what was the purpose of ever having that bump thing built?

Lara said...

Joy - my question exactly! The note didn't say anything about why they put it in. And my dad filled me in on the correct term - a header :)

From what I've heard, Mrs. Nealy was quite eccentric. Some people have said she was crazy - even before she got Alzheimer's...