Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I love softball. I had forgotten how much until I started playing on a rec league recently.

Last night was only our second game. Britney, Monte, Christian and the kids came to the game to watch me play. Apparently we need to work on the strategy of the game with Carter. The second time I was up to bat, I was waiting for a good pitch, so I let the first two go by. I could hear that little boy yelling from the time I stepped into the batter's box. "Go Mama!" Then when the first pitch went by and I didn't swing, I heard, "Why didn't you hit that?" Then when the second pitch went by, I started getting pointers from my 4 year old. "You have to swing to hit the ball, Mom!" It was hilarious!

But I must admit that I love hearing him yell, "Hey Mama!" every time he sees me run out to the field. He stands in the bleachers with a huge smile on his face waving his heart out!


Judy & Marvin said...

I loved this one!!! And, I love that little guy. Thanks for sharing this funny story with us, it put laughter in our hearts after a busy day.
Love you,

Sweet Inlow's said...

You have always been so good @ softball. We were playing @ Mtn. Park Elementary w/ "the group" the first time I met you! Do you remember that?! How fun!