Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Details, Schmetails

This past weekend we took an impromptu trip to Omaha to see the airshow and go to the zoo after our painter called and said he wouldn't be able to start working on our house until the 8th. We had a great weekend doing fun family stuff. And spent one afternoon in Lincoln, Nebraska, looking at minivans I had found on Auto Trader.

After looking at a few vans over the past few months, we just weren't finding one that was what we wanted at a price we were willing to pay. Until we got to Lincoln.

We found a van, equipped exactly the way we wanted, the color we wanted at the exact price we said we would be willing to pay. We weren't in a pinch financially by buying the van, so we figured we'd sell the Passat as soon as we could, but weren't in a rush to do so.

Imagine our surprise and delight when we sold it tonight - for the exact price we said we wanted for it. To the first person who came to look at it, without even advertising it. The guy who bought it works with a friend of ours right here in Adrian.

Now, you tell me. Do you think God is in the details?


Sweet Inlow's said...

HE is SO in the details! Is a van in my future?!?!?! :0)

Love ya.

Judy & Marvin said...

I call that a "rainbow blessing", a little reminder from God to show us that He knows our needs even before we tell Him and sometimes, He sends us an answer when we are not even looking for one!! Big or small details----He sees them all. Glad that you were blessed today!!
Love you,

Jill said...

Ok....can't resist this one....I think God is in the details in that he is paying you back for all of the minivan comments that you made to me....oh wait, what was it that you said?? "I'll NEVER have a minivan??" Oh yes, God says, "Revenge is mine" so I left it in his hands. And see what happened??? HA HA! Just kidding with you. I am very happy for you that you sold the car so easily!!! God must have wanted you to have that van! :)