Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Dog Day

Every Sunday we get a free newspaper called the Luverne Announcer. Britney calls it my "crack" (as in the drug). I grab it off the front steps as soon as it's delivered and read it all the way through. It's basically just a little local paper that advertises everything that is going on over the next week - special events, garage sales, auctions, etc.

So last week I was reading it and came across something called Hot Dog Days. Apparently tonight in Luverne the businesses are giving away free hot dogs. There are other activities too, but the one that stuck out to me (aside from the free food) is the weiner dog races down Main Street. Yes, apparently they race actual weiner dogs!

I'm curious to see how it goes. I'll post an update and pictures about it tomorrow. Who knew that there ever was such a thing as Hot Dog Day!

This weekend, Hot Dog Day will be followed by the Edgerton (another small town close by) Dutch Festival. The kids are excited about another parade and more CANDY! Maybe this time we'll be more prepared and will take a bag of some kind to catch all of it. Maybe I'll remember the camera for this one too. Life shouldn't be complete until you've experienced a small town parade and gotten to see the Beef Princess and Dairy Princess :)


Alea said...

That is hilarious! I hate to miss it. I mistakenly looked in the paper the other day and noticed there was a Mini-Dachsund for sale and I wanted one so bad! Just what we need, another dog, when we won't even fix Mikey's ailments cause we're too cheap. But, they were only $250 and they had a girl:) I would love to see them race. How funny. And free hotdogs? Jonathan would be in heaven!!! I think the only thing better to him than free hotdogs would be free pizza! He's a big fan of both of those. Definitely the free part!

Well, it was great talking to you yesterday and catching up. I am really ready for a break after all of this work stuff. Nothing bad, just need a vacation, if you know what I mean.

Give everyone a hug for me.


April said...

Lara -
Sounds like fun! But you do know that one day it may be Ashlyn and Carter up there on that float as the diary princess and beef prince!!!!! Had a cousin that was all kinds of things - little Miss Watermelon, etc. That is small town life!!! Wish I was there with you all to see the dog races. That is my favorite kind of dog. Can't wait to see pictures

Lori said...

I'm jealous of you guys - way too much fun in that small town. Find a house for the Carson's - we're Moving on Up!

Anonymous said...

I think you should write a book. "My life in small town USA". What neat things you get to do. So..miss the big city at all?

Send some pics of your new house..I've forgotten what it looks like.
Take ya!