Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Off to the Lake!

The kids and I are off to the lake with Britney's aunt Kris for an impromptu short vacation. We're just heading to Okoboji, Iowa, which is only about an hour from here, but, hey, it's a vacation - in a condo - on the water!!! If you need me, call my cell phone! We'll be back on Friday!


Deanna said...

Oh man! I almost called you yesterday while I was driving home. In. So. Much. Traffic. Maybe it's good I didn't call and find out you were chillin' at the lake! I'm guessing traffic isn't really a big issue up there... :-) Hope you had a wonderful week.

Judy & Marvin said...

Welcome home. Hope you all had a great time. Dad and I have found that sometimes those "unplanned" little trips were the best, most relaxing ones. Of course, I guess with two young children the word "rest" doesn't fit does it?!! Glad you had this opportunity to make a happy memory.
Love to all,