Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Parades and a Tractor Pull

So, I'm a little behind in posting. I guess a few days at the lake will do that to you!

A couple of weeks ago, our town had its summer celebration. It seems to be something every small town here does. Ours is themed Christmas In July and some of the activities were a 5K race in the morning, garden tours, craft fair complete with the same train that was at Hot Dog Night and finally, a parade!

That same Saturday happened to be Brewster's Fun Day. Brewster is the town where Britney's mom grew up and her brother and sister-in-law still live on the farm there. Britney's grandpa has an antique tractor and drove it in the parade, so we went over to Brewster to see that. Yes, another parade...

Carter and Ashlyn were so excited! Two parades in one day? Does life get any better than that? Apparently, the only thing better than watching the parade and catching the candy that is thrown is EATING the candy! We have a HUGE bowl of candy on our counter right now - more than Halloween provided last year. I think our next stop will be to the dentist :)

But wait - life DOES get better than that! In Adrian, after the parade, there is a kids pedal tractor pull. Guess who wanted to try her hand at it? Yep, Princess Ashlyn in her dress and flip flops got out there and tried to pull the weight on the pedal tractor. She did just fine for never having tried anything like that before, and pulled a whopping 13+ feet!

You can check out pictures from the parades and tractor pull here.

And update from the lake will hopefully come soon!


Judy & Marvin said...

I loved the pictures of the parade. Boy, you sure do have a LOT of "princesses" up there. You need to enter our little princess; I know she would be glad to wear one of her costumes and play the part!! Thirteen feet is a long way "pulling" for that little body but you sure can tell how hard she was working,(so hard her tongue was hanging out). I see what Carter likes most.....the candy! I'm glad they are having so much fun this summer. We still miss you guys but it's good to see everybody so happy. Love to all, Mom

Deanna said...

LOVE those pictures. Something about sticking your tongue out gives you more uumph!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures!! The kids seem to be loving their new home. Just wait until it snows!! They will be in hog heaven. The pictures of your house are beautiful. I absolutely love it all....I can see why you fell in love with it. I'm so thankful that ya'll are all happy. I keep you in my prayers each and every day. Give everyone a hug for me and then have them hug you back for me!! I love you all. Susan XOXO I can't remember my password so this won't be from my account! This is your aunt Susan!!

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog and look at your pictures I wish I was there! You guys are having so much fun it's like a vacation every day. How many parades have you been too now - do they average at least one a week? The pictures are fabulous as are your stories. Thanks for sharing and keeping us Georgians close at heart. Love to all you guys - Lori Carson