Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of School

So, the big girl made it today! No tummy aches last night at all and a good night's sleep was a welcome relief. I made the kids pancakes for breakfast today and we didn't even have to run to make it to school on time. :)

I'll pick her up a little after 3:00 and will try to post more about how her first day went. She walked in with a smile on her face, ready to give her teacher her "flowers."

By the way - do you like Carter's boots? They're the latest wardrobe staple. Everyone should run out and get a pair. He's starting a new fad.


Alea said...

Hey Lara! So glad she got off to school today. I can't wait to hear all about it. Oh, and thanks for the picture. It's perfect. She is such a little fashion princess, although I was wondering where the colored socks to match her shirt were. Oh wait a minute, I guess she isn't growing up in the 80's like I did.

Love you guys!

marla said...

Yaaay--she made it! We had a wonderful conversation about just about everything on the phone last night! She was very grown-up about the whole school deal and sounded ready to get started. We will pray for a wonderful first day. And the boots. . .Daddy was about 4 when he wore his cowboy boots 24/7. . .with shorts, jeans, pajamas or whatever. Like father, like son.
Love you all!

montezuma said...

I'm heading out to get some boots now. Nice work, Carter!

Marla said...

Oh, and good job with the pictures! I think it is a marvelous idea on the first day of school. . .

Jill said...

Too cute!!! I'm glad she got off to school this morning! I can't wait to hear all about it. How did you do??? Have fun with mom and dad! I know they are very excited about seeing you guys. Love you!


Anonymous said...

Love Ashlyn's smile - she sures seems excited to be headed off to school. When Matt and Andrew headed off to school for their very first day of REAL school with 5th graders they had to get on the bus. I think they were more excited about that than school. Ashlyn is lucky that she can walk right across the street and be there - now my boys wish they could get to school so easily.

She's beautiful and I love the pictures. Tell Carter the Gordon's Fisherman wants his boots back, he's willing to trade some fish sticks - ha ha! Actually I think they are a wonderful accessory and you're right, everyone should have a pair!

Love and miss you guys - thanks for a great blog and keeping us updated. ~Lori

elke said...

Dude, the first thing I noticed were Carter's boots! Rockin'!!! I giggled and was going to make some wisecrack about them...but you already beat me to it. The funny thing is...I have red ones just like that. You know me and my fashion always was cutting edge. ha!

Love you!

The Big E said...

Hey Lara!
This doesn't really apply to your blog. But, since I don't have one of these sites I figured I'd leave this question here for you.
I was looking at your most visited blogs. Who is the person that is in Thailand and why does she looks soooo familiar to me? Do I know her? Is she doing mission work over there? That blog really intrigued me so I had to ask someone in the know to fill me in. = )

Love you!