Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pukefest, Round 2

My mom is cringing at that title, I know :) But, I thought you should have an accurate description of the last 15 hours in our house.

Carter this time. Last night, 10:30 p.m. comes downstairs crying. That's very unlike him. Britney was trying to comfort him and had no idea what was wrong. Something inside me said, "He's sick." I asked Britney if he had thrown up and yep! Ding, Ding, Ding!!! So, you can imagine how our night went from then until about 6:00 this morning. Every 20 minutes or so. YUCK. This can move along to someone else's house anytime now.

The funniest thing was Ashlyn. She woke up around 2:30 this morning because she had had a bad dream. She couldn't find anyone at first because we were all downstairs. After I got her back in bed, she would wake up just about every time Carter threw up and yell at me to go be by Carter. I wonder where she thought I was???

Anyway, Carter seems to be on the mend today. He bounced back even faster than Ashlyn did. If you think about us tonight, say a prayer that neither Britney nor I get it. That would just really stink.


Deanna said...

Ugh. I am so sorry, and I do not wish to be next in line for that. I remember E's puking stage - whether he had a stomach virus, or whether his peaches didn't pass the squish test, and he'd touch them and them vomit milk everywhere. Our house smelled so YUMMY for a while.

I say, wash your hands every 47 seconds, and wear one of those dog lampshade collars so you won't touch your face. :-) Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Lara - I am praying hard that you all don't get it. I am sorry Carter had it and hope no one else comes down with it in your household - or mine ever again:) I have seen enough vomit with all the reflux you would think I could handle it...but it sends me off the deep end. I really am praying hard for you all!!!!!!


Marla said...

I guess the one bright spot is that it is short-lived. Hope he is fine today and that the two of you do NOT get it! I usually never got it when my kids had it, but the sympathy pains made me feel like I did. Have a better day!

Lisa I. said...

I'm SO hating this for you! Stay strong Lara!!! :)