Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Toto Tequila and Mrs. Mary Toosteal

A couple of weeks ago, Britney and I were invited to a murder mystery party. This was our third one and we felt like old pros :) The best part for me is dressing up...I'm not much of an actress. But, the people at this party were all great at it and made it pretty easy!

The setting was the opening of a speakeasy in Chicago in the 20's. "Toto" was the Big Boss from the mob in New York. "Mary" was the wife of a congressman who was looking to run for president, hence the lack of flapper costume.

I won for best costume, which was a huge surprise for me, considering I spent less than $20 for everything Britney and I needed!


Judy & Marvin said...

I've been waiting for those photos and I must say you both look GREAT. Congrats on winning the best costume; from the looks of the photo you certainly deserved it. Glad you had fun. (Say, can I borrow that outfit for my Halloween costume I don't have one yet?) Hope everyone is doing well.
Love to all,
PS Glad that "puke fest #2" is not the main topic anymore!!!!!!

Alea said...

Toto Tequila, I didn't know Britney had aspirations to be like my dog, Toto. Does he have a tendency to run when it's bath time, or want to stay in bed all day? Well, I hope not, because then they could be twins. Well, we love him anyway. Great picture and costumes. Jonathan and I are going to another murder mystery at Ryan & Tiffini Byars house the weekend after Marci's wedding. We are doing the 80's Class Reunion again but have different characters. If you remember the characters at all, Jonathan is Judd Jenson & I am Bailey Babble. So, we will see. Haven't even started looking at costumes yet. Looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

Lara - You are always so creative! Glad you and Britney are getting out up there. Hope that means you have made some good friends. Talk to you soon.


Mullismayhem said...

Brings back memories of your birthday(s) party. We had such fun with the costumes.
Glad you had a good time.
Miss you guys.

Lori said...

You guys look awesome and I know you had a great time. You really do a great job with costumes so I know you totally deserved the win. Like Kathy said it really does bring back memories of the "Roaring 20's" party you had. Gosh, thinking about that makes me miss you guys again!