Monday, October 22, 2007

8 Random Cooking Things

I've been tagged by my friend Kathy to list 8 random things from my cooking life. They may not be all that interesting or informative, but here goes...

1. I mostly use Pampered Chef products. That's right. I'm still stringing my Pampered Chef business along, mostly for the free or cheap products. My favorites would have to be the Forged Cutlery, Garlic Press and Executive Cookware.

2. I love to use fresh garlic when I'm cooking. I made a pork loin last week and had to wash the sheets the next day because of how our house smelled :)

3. I make homemade bread now - no store bought stuff for us! We bought a bread maker shortly after we moved in because of how my friend Robin talked about her bread maker and how much she saved buy buying bulk flour, etc. and then making her own. We love it!

4. I usually procrastinate about what's for dinner until the last minute. I like to plan so that I don't have to make a million trips to the grocery store, but I always forget to take something out in the morning...

5. I love to bake! Enough said!

6. I make my kids pancakes from scratch almost every day. It's their new favorite and now they don't like the ones from the package at the store. Fine by me - less preservatives this way!

7. I'm the master of simple and delicious! This was a compliment someone gave me just last week!

8. I bake my own Christmas ornaments every year. You know, the ones with lots of cinnamon and spice so they make my house smell so nice.

There you go! Now I'm passing it on to Deanna, Lori and Melena!


Mullismayhem said...

I grind my own flour, Megan got me started last year about this time and would really recommend it.
I love it!

Lisa said...

Max and I eat pancakes from scratch as well! I mean the less processed food the better. And you've encouraged me to maybe get my bread maker back out. Though when I attempt whole wheat bread it is so dense and heavy we all need a nap just after eating one piece. Let me know what you do, thanks. I'm such a foodie, loved this blog entry! :)

Lori said...

You're too good! I don't have eight things so I may have to make some up. You are the master of delicious - I don't know about simple cause you make stuff from scratch...but I do know delicious!

Melena said...

I am a little behind at reading your blog. Sorry! I will have to think about it for a little while and post them asap. I will definitely try out your recipes though:) Can't wait to see you guys next weekend.....

Shalomie Homie Elke said...

Okay, I loved that blog so much I had to pretend I was tagged and do one, too. (i'm no way a homemaking diva like you are, but I'm handy in the kitchen).

1) I can make almost any dinner into a vegetarian meal and no one misses the meat.

2) When grilling salmon I like to grill the skin side down. Then at the last 3 minutes I use a knife to peal the skin off and then throw it into the coals and put the cover over the grill. It gives the salmon a natural smoky flavor because the skin burns and fills the grill with smoke.

3) I use maple syrup (real not log cabin or anything like that) and balsamic vinegar to marinate my portabello mushrooms before grilling them

4) Every Christmas I make a traditional German gingerbread house (tastes and looks nothing like an American one).

5) I too am a garlic fiend. I know what you mean about washing the sheets! phew!

6) I usually roast a duck for Christmas instead of the ham and turkey thing.

7) My signature breakfast dish is eierkuchen. It is the German version of pancakes that I make from scratch. Jonathan tells me he could never eat an American pancake again. So, when I come up to visit we will have to have a show down of the griddle...our own Iron Chef pancake show down. = )

8) I have become a sushi rolling master, and have come up with some signature dishes that even those that say they will never eat sushi have actually tried and loved.