Friday, October 12, 2007

Impractical = Romantic?

I'm reading the book Kid CEO by Ed Young right now. Overall, I think it's a really good book so far - nothing earth shattering yet, but good basics all parents need to be reminded of occasionally. I'm about halfway through and so far, it's felt more like a marriage book than a parenting book. One of his main points is that as parents, we need to put our marriages first - not our kids. Kids have a place in the family and we need to honor our covenant of marriage instead of putting the spotlight on the kids.

Anyway, I was reading the chapter yesterday on Sex Builders and Sex Busters. One of the things he mentions time and again is to make sure that you date your spouse. "What you did to get her is what you need to do to keep her." What struck me in the last part of the chapter was his discussion of romance.

You see, I'm a romantic at heart. I always want the fairy tale. But, I married Britney, who is NOT very romantic. He tries, but it's just not in him. AND, I love him in spite of that and appreciate the times he does try.

Here is a quote from one of the last paragraphs in this chapter. "If you look up the word impractical in the dictionary, one of the synonyms is romantic." I died laughing when I read that because my husband is the complete opposite of that. Almost every decision we've made, I've heard the words "but this is more practical." Say for example, driving an SUV vs a mini van. Obviously, mini vans are more practical when it comes to gas mileage, etc. But the romantic in me wants to throw that out the window and get what I LIKE!

I guess my challenge to all of you (and ourselves too) is to pursue your spouse. Don't become a statistic. Be a little impractical every once in awhile. It's what God made marriage for!


Melena said...

That is great Lara. I'll take you up on that challenge. I need to read the book also. It sounds great. I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about what you guys are up to. I was thinking as I was reading the last three just now, that you need to write a book. Maybe just a children's book or something, but you have a way with words. Keep writing and I'll keep reading:) Tell everyone hello and we miss you guys.....

Mullismayhem said...

Preach it sister!!!!
Robert and I are off to the Greek Festival tonight on a date.
love ya,

Brett and Jessica said...

I don't know if you remember me. This is Jessica, Alea's friend in Utah. Anyway, she told me that you had a blog so I had to come look at it. Very cute! The last time I saw your daughter was at Alea's wedding. She is a doll; she has grown up a lot!
You need to get Alea to do a blog! She says she doesn't have anything to blog about but either do I!!! It is fun. You can check out my blog at
It was good to see your pics!