Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Six Months Ago

We arrived in Minnesota six months ago today. Sometimes it feels like we've always lived here and some days it's very clear that we're still the newcomers in town. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord moved us here for a purpose - even if that purpose was just to move our kids to a school where the teachers actually care about them and the principle is visible EVERY DAY around the school either greeting kids in the morning or helping in the crosswalks in the afternoon. We've met some really incredible friends who have helped make the transition here a little easier when we're missing our family and friends in Georgia.

I have to admit that I am a little uncertain about the holidays. Starting tonight with Halloween, the kids are looking forward to visiting all of our friends on our block to get candy and visit for a little while. It's supposed to be cold though, so I don't know how long we'll stay out. We'll be going back to Georgia for Thanksgiving and already it looks like the trip is going to be too short! Christmas is the kicker though. Christmas has always been huge in my family - a whole day of being together, eating, opening presents, eating, watching movies, eating...You get the idea. But, we'll be in Minnesota this Christmas. I hope it's at least a white one. The kids would love that. And we'll still get to see my family, thanks to modern-day technology, as they hook up the webcam to my dad's movie theater screen and we connect ours to our TV. It won't be the same, but at least it'll be as close as we can get!

Anyway, in celebration of our six months here, I thought I would list ten things that I've learned about life in Minnesota in the last six months.
1. When the cashier asks you if you want to "drive up" at the grocery store, it's not for a donation - they really will carry your groceries out to your car, which you drive up to the curb! You better believe I'll be doing this when it turns cold!
2. Hog manure aka fertilizer - STINKS!
3. You can get a 3/4 pound Dragon burger at the local steakhouse for a whopping $6.50
4. Walking your kids to school is better than watching them get on the bus or driving them in the car any day - even in the rain!
5. Nothing beats summer on the lake in Minnesota!
6. I can pass a written driving exam, even at 30.
7. In a small town, people know about you before you know about them!
8. We've learned more about our neighbors in the six months that we've lived here than we knew in the 3.5 years in Suwanee.
9. You can WALK to the doctor's office when it's only 3 blocks away :) Definitely beats the hour + drive to John's Creek for an 8:30 a.m. appointment!
10. There are lots of great flea markets, yard sales and consignment stores where you can find some REALLY great bargains!!!

If you want to experience small town Minnesota life, just give us a call - we always have room for more!


Lisa said...

I love your honesty Lara. I think a lot about you, especially lately w/ the BIG...I'll be praying for you. Thanks for the bread recipe! :)
Love, Lisa I.

Mullismayhem said...

Wow, Lara I can't believe it has been six months. Hang in there with the holidays. You guys will make some great traditions of your own I'm sure. I'm glad you have made some friends.
I miss you guys,even though we didn't get to see you as often as we all would have liked. I do love keeping up with you on your blog.

Jill said...

It has only been six months??? It seems like we haven't seen you in years!! We are really looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving (and the shopping night at the mall!!). We keep telling Nathan that he will get to play with Carter and Ashlyn soon, and he says, "tractors!" I guess seeing all of Carter's tractors on Skype the other day stuck in his memory! Love you! PS - post Halloween pictures soon!!!!

Judy & Marvin said...

Boy, how our lives have changed in the last six months haven't they? During all the changes, God has proven once again that His Grace is sufficient! I have learned so much too, probably more than I could even list, but here are six for you:
l. I CAN find something else to do on my "Carter, Ashlyn Thursdays".
2. How truly precious family time together really is.
3. All of my grandchildren are growing up way too fast!
4. How to communicate better on the computer. (Thanks to email and Skype)
5. Flying to Minnesota really isn't too bad. (Just to get to come, I would walk if I could!!!)
6. I can be happy that you live so far away--- when I know that all of YOU are happy!

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Lara - I am so glad you are happy but I am homesick for you even when I didn't get to see you much. Just knowing you are so far away makes a difference! I know the holidays will be different - I will be thinking about you all as you continue on this journey!
Love, April