Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall Is In The Air

I love fall. I don't remember many "falls" in Georgia. I just remember the 90 degree days immediately turning into 50 degree days. The colors there are beautiful though. I'll never forget my L-O-N-G drive down GA 400 when I was working and enjoying the beautiful leaves.

Fall here is different. It's beautiful in a different way. Britney always told me that Georgia only had 2 seasons - Summer and Cooler :) Now I understand what he meant. The weather here has been a little rainy, which is not very good for the farmers trying to harvest. But the weather has also been beautiful on those days when it's not raining. Like today - sunny, clear blue skies for as far as you could see (which is usually at least 10 miles because it's pretty flat), and temps in the 60s. Right now it's about 52 outside. Perfect weather for sweaters and football!

We look outside and gone are the green fields of corn and soybeans. A lot of the fields have been harvested, so they're mostly dead stalks and black dirt - a little bleak. But that bleakness is redeemed as soon as Carter shouts at the top of his lungs, "Mom! LOOK! A Combine! And! Tractors! With! Wagons!!!!!" That makes all of the bleakness worth it.

Oh yeah and as for football - the Adrian Dragons are 5 and 1. They play again on Thursday night when Ashlyn's dance team will dance at halftime. Don't worry - we're going to video it and I'll post a link to it as soon as we get it downloaded.


Judy & Marvin said...

Oh, how I miss those precious little ones but I love seeing the pictures and hearing about their "new adventures". Carter always makes me laugh! He has that long tongue and Ashlyn has the long legs now doesn't she? We wish we could be there to see her dance at the game Friday night. Thank you for being thoughtful and making a video for us to see. Hope the weather stays "football-game-perfect". We're expecting a nice (fall weather) weekend here as well. Dad and I may go to a cornfield maze with Jill, Mark, Nathan, Pam, Scott and Autumn on Saturday. I made Dad promise not to leave me in that cornfield maze by myself; you know how I get totally lost in those things!! If you don't hear from me for a few days, send out the rescue team OK.
Give my love to everyone,

Jill said...

Good gracious how long is Carter's tongue???? Too funny! Can't wait to see the video of the dance! I'm sure she'll be as prissy as ever! Do you guys go to the football games? That is one thing that we definitely missed out on at KHCS...Friday night football! It is a blast to go to the Grayson games! Almost makes you feel like you're in high school again! Talk to you soon! Give the kids a big hug and kiss and tell them that Nathan can't wait to play at Thanksgiving!

Marla said...

I can't wait to see the video of the dance! And I loved seeing the two of you in costume, too. How fun! I hadn't heard when Robin's Murder Mystery party was going to happen and forgot to ask you last time we talked. You always do so well with the costumes. And I love the pretending-to-be-somebody-else part! Anyway, you looked great. And yes, fall in Minnesota has always been one of my favorite times. I can't wait for next week--mostly to see all of you--but also to breathe in that cool crisp air. Love to you,

Lori said...

Gosh, when Carter left Georgia he was just a toddler, now he looks like he is auditioning to replace Gene Simmons in KISS. Just kidding, he is much too adorable and sweet for that. I can't believe Ashlyn is performing in public and she looks like she is ready for middle school - like your mom said her legs look really long. Wow, they really grow up fast. Can't wait for the video! As for your Adrian team, they are doing much better than our Duluth team which is currently 1 and 4 - you might be able to smell our stink all the way up in Minnesota. Glad you guys are enjoying it so much. Hope we can see you all soon!