Monday, September 17, 2007

King Turkey Day

There's a celebration in Worthington every year called King Turkey Day. It's usually the third weekend in September and you can read the whole history of the day here.

Yes, they really do race turkeys through downtown Worthington and yes, there is the same celebration a few weeks from now in Cuero, Texas. We figured after Hot Dog Night we really shouldn't miss Turkey Day. So, after freezing our tails off on Friday night at the Adrian High School football game (which they won 29-0), we set out for Worthington Saturday morning.

When we got there, we found a pretty decent parking space and then put our chairs down on the sidewalk to hold our spot for the parade that afternoon. After walking around for just a few minutes, (during which time Ashlyn managed to lose her new purse, which was holding her new Polly Pocket doll), we trekked over to the fire station for a free pancake breakfast/lunch. They were some of the best pancakes I've ever had. The kids even loved them!

After the pancakes, we met up with Britney's grandparents who were nice enough to lend us a blanket for the parade. Yes, it was still cold on Saturday and even though the weather said it would be 65, I doubt that it made it that high.

Then we grabbed a spot to watch the turkeys race! Paycheck (the Worthington turkey) won in about 57 seconds. The turkey from Texas, Ruby, had to be carried down the race course and had a time of over 2 minutes.

After that, it was time for the parade. The parade was one of the longest ones I have ever seen, and it did get a bit boring. There were over 120 entrants, including floats, marching bands and horses. Once again, our stock of candy is well supplied and we're planning to save it and hand it out at Halloween :) Britney's grandfather was part of the historical society entry and rode in the back of a Model T playing his accordian. Britney's cousin Marci was also in the parade handing out candy. She gave our kids an extra helping!

So, despite the cold weather and other mishaps of the day, we had a really great time. Ashlyn loved watching the turkeys and Carter loved playing hockey with the candy that was leftover in the street. Everyone should experience Turkey Day at some point in their lives!

There are pictures from the huge event posted here.


Anonymous said...

Lara - I am not sure how to even respond to the King Turkey Day post! How funny!!! At least you and the kids are getting out and having fun without the TV being on all day. For that I am jealous. But it just reminds me of my Emerson days with the pig running wild down the street that day. It is just wild to me that the turkey has been that famous for that what a tradition! That is all I can say. I know you all are loving small town life. It does seem like Mayberry up there.

Love you

Melena said...

Wow! Lara- That must have been a sight to see. I'm sure the kids are loving it in Minnesota. They have been to more parades in the short time you guys have been there than we have in the past three years!:) The pics are great. Reese always loves seeing them. Tell everyone hello and that we miss them all............

Mullismayhem said...

The pictures are fun and Kind Turkey Day sounds like a blast thanks for sharing.

Marla said...

Oh, My Goodness, Lara--what a wonderful post on Turkey Day! I am still wiping tears at seeing the pictures of such a memorable time of my life. NO ONE misses Turkey Day. Well, okay. My brother Jerry avoids the crowds, but daughter Marci represented the family, I see, along with Mom and Dad on the old truck, and you guys on the sidewalk! And cold, or not, it looks like it still draws the crowds. Some other memorabilia--it was the event of the year for us in elementary school, it was the "hang-out" destination for us as teens checking out the opposite sex, then it was a fun place to go on a date, and finally, we have actually gone back home several times on that particular weekend to go to Turkey Day! Last year when we visited Mom and Dad at their winter home in Texas, we drove through that little sister city and saw the signs about the turkey capital. I WISH we could have joined you! I loved the cute, cute pictures of the kids. Thanks for sharing.
Love you all,

Lori said...

What great fun. I had no idea Minnesota had so many parades, parties, carnivals, and candy. I really think I need to come hang out for a month so I can eat hot dogs, watch a turkey race, and collect some candy. I'm so thankful you all have adapted and are enjoying Minnesota. However, I am still sad you're gone and miss you guys terribly. The pictures are great, but does Britney still exist? Haven't seen any of him in quite some time!