Thursday, April 30, 2009

Because I couldn't pick just one...

Today is the Remodeling Roundup over at the Remodeling Guy. But, I have 2 projects...because I can't pick just one :)

One of the things Britney has dreamed about since we got married and bought our first home (and surround sound system) is having a true home theater - you know with the 110" screen and theater seating, preferably in the basement where there is little to no light. There are big plans for our basement here, but for now, it's full of the corn boiler and other projects that I never seem to get around to...

So, for now his Media Room is the old maid's room just off of the kitchen. The only before picture I have is from just after we moved in. Our old TV died just after our furniture arrived from Georgia, so in true redneck style, we just left it and put the smaller TV in front of it until we could haul it away..

We've since gotten new furniture and a new working TV. The ceiling is wallpaper that was painted to look like an old copper ceiling. It's OK, but drives me nuts! But for now, it will have to do until we can do it up right!

We added picture molding about one foot below the ceiling to help bring the height down a little. All of the ceilings on our first floor are over 10 feet. Not exactly comfy, cozy, home-theater-ish.

We painted, walls and trim. The walls are Ben Moore Phillipsburg Blue and the trim is Ace - Beautiful Brown Eyes. Both are in eggshell.

The windows are mistreated! My first ones ever and it took some creative thinking, but we got there. I still need some big lamps for the sofa table and a few more things to go on the wall AND to finish painting and hanging the doors on the closets, but we're almost there!

And just because this is the most involved remodeling project I've ever done...The windows - again :)


Remodeling Guy said...

Looking Good! I bet you guys are both happy to have a comfy new place to watch that new TV! It all looks great and I'm sure the Round-Up readers will all be inspired! Thanks for joining in!


Kasey said...

you home if lovely.

Jadehollow said...

Lara.. Looks great! Thanks for sharing your project.

Amy R. said...

This room looks great! I love the brown molding with the blue walls. Your windows are filled with character! I love your house!